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Want a little taste of what Fifi has to offer? Don't have time to check out a whole number. That's why showreel's were invented. Here you'll find clips from shows, circus acts, fire, sideshow and burlesque. 

 Jeepers Creepers

Falling in love *sigh*, so magical until it all goes wrong. Set to "Jeepers Creepers" by Louis Armstrong and "Girl With One Eye" by Florence and the Machine, this number takes you through the world of a wronged ex-lover. Eye puppets, fringe umbrellas and vaudevillian comedy are some of the things you have to look forward to. This is one twisted woman you do not want to break up with. 

Check out the video here.

Pandora's Box

An innocent women travelling along, reviling in her own world. Pandora's box unleashing the evils of the world. Good and evil, light on your toes and hard hitting on your heels. This number is theatrics at their finest. Dramatic flair, light-hearted innocence and the blackening of ones soul. Imagine stumbling upon a night circus. It's a lot darker than one might expect...

Check out the video here.


The Freaks

Here you can find what it truly means to be a Freak. Set to The Tigger Lillies "Freaks" and Frank Valli's "Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You" the number tells a story of a freak with many hands and many faces falling in love. Want to freak out your audience? This is the number for you.  Check out the video here.


Circus Mistress

Set to "Crack of Doom" by The Tiger Lillies this circus mistress will take you on a trip into her evil psychedelic mind ending with a creamy explosive cake sit. Check it out here.



Alien Pu$$Y

Set to "That Other Girl" by Sevdaliza and "Creator" by Santigold Alien Pu$$y takes you on the seductive tale of a bubble cumming alien. Check out the act here.


Set to David Bowie's "Fame"and Lady Gaga's "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" this number is a ready to knock you off your feet. A super fun, upbeat number with wacking, vogueing and whole lot of fame induced confidence. Get ready to be covered in sexy, dirty money and check out the performance here.


Just a Gigolo

Set to "Just a Gigolo" by Louis Prima and Peaches "Boys Wanna Be Her" this gentlemen will take you on a trip through gender dystopia in the 1920s. Think drag meets burlesque meets food fetish with a surprise cream explosion ending. 



Ghost of Dreams

Set to "Ghost of Love" by David Lynch, Ghost of Roses seduces the audience into a surreal love story. Handing out roses and painting my body with red paint this performance takes you into another realm with nodes to feminine power. Check out the act here.

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