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Fifi Fantôme is a Canadian-born, Berlin-based queer performance artist. Fifi is the winner of two studio uncoated art competitions and they have performed all over the world most notably in the Festival Montréal Complètement Cirque, Berliner Festspiele, KW Art Institute, Copenhagen Opera Festival, The Chicago Art Institute, and Aerial Arts Festival Berlin. In 2020 Fifi graduated from Die Etage Schule Der Darstellenden Künste. At the core of Fifi's artistic manifesto lies a marriage of surrealism and a celebration of “high” and “low” art. Their canvas extends beyond conventional theater stages to embrace expansive landscapes, clubs, underground spaces and site-specific works. They are a co-founder of The Velvet Creepers, an immersive circus company based in Berlin who have produced several sold out productions. As an artist, Fifi Fantôme navigates the intricate tapestry of themes, weaving together a visual symphony that resonates with the pulsating heartbeat of Berlin's artistic subculture.

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Forbidden Fruit

In 2023 Fifi directed "Forbidden Fruit,” exploring the boundaries of Christian symbolism and reimagining the Eucharistic celebration as a radical, queer act of inclusion. The performance explored the theme of queer and transgressive possibilities of the Christian mythology surrounding the Garden of Eden, the age-old story of temptation and desire where the forbidden fruit reigns supreme.


A dance production contemplating the relationship between water and humankind

Alica Minar & col. in collaboration with raum4 e. V.

The international, participatory dance production explores our changing experience with water in our memories and in the present. As an outdoor choreography PERMEANCE seeks to evoke a sense of cohesion and harmony with nature and with oneself. At the same time, the multilingual piece conveys a sense of playfulness and lightness, as if drifting on the water’s surface on a summer’s day, only to be gradually and easily drawn deep into the theme as if by a siren.

DSC05215web 2.JPG
DSC05215web 2.JPG

Death Drive In

Death Drive-In is the campiest heavenly diner around; an existential simulation located in a void. Heralding back to capitalism's golden days, the piece discusses our current relationship with capitalism, consumer culture and its effects on our nervous systems. Ritual Theatre piece directed by Rily Davidson performed in Alte Münze, Berlin


Utopia or dystopia - where does the path lead?


An Immersive theatre exhibition showcasing 40 artists that created an immersive collaborative work - with live performances, video and spatial installations. The visitor was invited to immerse themselves in an alternative reality, where each room is its own, creative world.

*Created during the COVID-19 Pandemic it followed all COVID rules and created a safe space for visitors to come experience art while artist had access to jobs and art

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